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Wheeled Excavator

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Wheel excavator is a multipurpose excavator which instead of a rotating platform has wheel in the bottom. With improve stability on an uneven surface and improved lifting capacities it is applied in various infrastructure projects likes roads, railways, bridges etc.

Mechanical Operations
The wheeled excavators have heavy-duty axles and a two-speed transmission system, which enhances their movements and stability in an uneven areas. With their rotating arm they can reach out to all directions without any problems. The wheeled excavators also consists of backfill blades, independent boom swing, Counter rotating tracks, arm, bucket, mounted cab, swing motor, power boost and Lcd display which gives them an extra advantage during their involvement in heavy projects.

Wheeled Excavator Wheel excavators with their maneuverable arm and their ability to lift heavy devices and their accessibility to an inaccessible areas are highly useful in many civil engineering projects. Wheel excavators find their applicability in areas like :

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