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Wheel Loaders

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A loader is a construction vehicle with a bucket on either end that is used to lift and move materials. Wheel loaders using its mechanical arm and wheels perform these functions with great ease. Due to some additional technical sophistications, wheel loader can perform heavy tasks efficiently in less time. Apart from buckets, wheel loader can also be attached with grapples and forks thereby adding versatility to it.

Mechanical Principle

Wheel loaders operates on three modes - automatic, manual, and custom program mode. Combined with Electronic Control Module (ECM), machine works in the optimal gear by detecting its load and speed. This enhances the reliability and efficiency of the system in all the three modes. The incorporation of mid mount cooling system allows wheel loader to work efficiently in rough and dusty conditions. Comfortable steering system, automatic control, and informative diagnostic center is an extra advantage of the wheel loader. Wheel Loaders


Wheel loaders due to their versatility and sophisticated technologies are used in following areas :

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