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Sand Making Machines

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Sand is an important constituent for the construction industry. For constructing buildings and other infrastructures river sand is generally preferred. However sand mining from the river bed and its transportation is not an easy task. Sand making machine fulfill the demands of the construction industry in a substantial manner.

Mechanical Operations

Sand Making Machines Just like stone crushing plants, sand making machines too consists of feeding hopper, rotopactor, sand screen, conveyors, elevators, electrical prime movers and controls, etc. Rotopactors of varying sizes are used to crush stone from which sand is obtained. Rotopactars manufactures sand from grit. Rotorpactar disc and annular ring are mainly responsible for giving efficient results.
The stone particles are ejected from the rotor due to centrifugal force at a particular angle, which strikes with an annular ring and diverted in circular path. The kinetic energy of the particles makes it move in a designated path. Later the bigger particles break into small pieces. These small particles roles around while moving in a circular path. The residual kinetic energy is utilized in giving good surface texture of the particle. The edges are rounded and surface became smooth. In this process dust is emitted which creates pollution. To avoid this small amount of water is sprinkled.

The sand so produced are utilized in the construction of buildings, pavements, streets, roads etc.

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