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Paver Finisher

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For giving final finish to pavement surfaces, paver finisher is an important equipment. Tractor and the screed unit are two important components of the typical paver machine. This paver is suitable for various asphalt surfaces. Asphalt paver finisher machine consists of the screed, which is attached through two long side arms or leveling arms at tow points of the tractor, one on either side. The screed is not fixed but is free to pivot about tow points. The screed is towed by the tractor. The tractors are either wheel mounted or track mounted.
This paver also consists of the hopper operations, screed lifting and vibrating arrangements and is hydraulically controlled. The width of the screed can be mechanically adjusted with mechanical bolt on extensions on either side. Whereas conveyor and auger drive adjusts the feed to the desired level. Screeds are of different types like combination screed, vibratory screed, tamping screed etc.


Paver Finisher Paver finisher is applied in giving final paving touch to :

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