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Mobile Crushing Plants

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Mobile crushing plants are important engineering vehicles that are used to recycle the rubbles of various constructions and use them the base materials for further applications, and for crushing and quarrying various minerals and rocks like coals, limestones etc.

Due to their mobile nature these crushing plants saves enough time by installing themselves on the site itself. Mobile crushing plants are either wheel mounted or track mounted. The size of the plant depends on the nature of the work they have to accomplish.

Mechanical Operations

Crushing plants operates with its own feed hopper, feed conveyor, discharge conveyor and material transfer belt. The size and design of the crusher naturally depends upon the nature of the job. According to the experts, because of its speed and versatility crusher should be a primary impactor, rather than a jaw or cone crusher.
Mobile Crushing Plants For pavement processing, a powerful electromagnetic separator should be mounted atop the discharge conveyor to pull ferrous tramp metals from the crushed material. If crushing plant is powered by diesel engine, crusher speed is regulated according to material types and product sizes. In some plants electric motor is also used. Hydraulic jacks are used to support the crushing plants until braces or blocks can be put in place.


Mobile crushing plants are important machines for the construction industries. Since they can easily relocate themselves to the job sites, material hauling costs can be reduce to a certain extent. In light of their mobility and easy setup, mobile crushing plants enable a user to handle multiple small job. The applications of the mobile crushing plants can be summed as follows :

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