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Mining Excavators

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Mining is an important engineering activity which is necessary to exploit the much needed mineral resources which are buried deep beneath the earth crust and are indispensable for the development of an industrial sector and infrastructure. To cater the needs of miners, mining excavator has proved to be very helpful. These mining excavators are available in various sizes and models which are used in accordance with the size of the projects. With their efficiency, reliability and extremely low waste removal costs, mining excavators are very beneficial to the mining industry.

Mechanical Operations

Mining excavators are armed with modern equipments like pneumatic cylinders, electric motors, batteries, and compressors. Different types of mining excavators differ in size and properties. Hydraulic excavators, bucket wheel excavators and dragline excavators are the popular excavators that are used in various mining operations.
Hydraulic mining excavators are very similar to any other hydraulic excavator, except they're much, much larger.
Mining Excavators
Dragline bucket system consists of a large bucket which is suspended from a boom. The bucket is maneuvered by means of a number of ropes and chains. Notable feature of Drag line mining excavator is that they are not fuel powered like most other mining equipment. Their power consumption is so great that they have a direct connection to the high-voltage grid.


Mining excavators can do lot of work which are associated with the mining industry. Their work in mining can be summarized as follows :

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