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Hydraulic Concrete Block Machines

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Concrete is considered as the strong masonry unit for the construction industry. Concrete is also preferred because they are compatible with other conventional systems like Rcc, Acc sheets, dressed stones etc. The durability of concrete block has made it popular both in the rural and urban areas. Concrete block machine produce blocks of different types like solid, hollow, paving, tree guard blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Concrete blocks are generally made by machines having different molds. Most of the concrete block machines are hydraulically operated. The tabletop vibrator in machine provides optimum vibration in the mix so that the ratio of cement used can be reduced substantially without affecting the strength of the blocks. The other important equipments used in hydraulically operated concrete block machines are vibratory motor, pump motor, travel motor etc.


Hydraulic Concrete Block Machines


Hydraulically operated Concrete block machine produces concrete blocks for different applications. They are mainly applied for the construction of :

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