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Hydraulic Breakers

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Hydraulic breakers are powerful, productive machines used to break a variety of materials. Depending upon the job to be done, the breaker chosen may be light, medium or heavy. For use, these breakers are to be mounted on some equipment such as backhoes, excavators etc. Here, these equipment are called Carriers.

Mechanical Operations

Except lightweight breakers, it is difficult to operate other breakers by hand as the vibrations transmitted to the operator are very strong and unbearable. The size of the breaker must match the size of the carrier. The compatibility of a carrier and a breaker also depends upon the volume of oil that the carrier can supply and the pressure.

For mounting a breaker hydraulic-installation kit is used which gets oil flow to the breaker and then brings it back to the machine. In modern construction industry, a lot of pin-grabbing, quick-coupler attachments are used on carriers. Quick couplers are clamping devices that grabs the pins on the top of any attachment. It has the advantage of hooking up to a variety of attachments without needing to constantly take out and reposition pins.

Hydraulic Breakers Though the match between breaker and a carrier is essential, it is also important that the breaker be used appropriately in order for it to perform as intended.


As the name suggests hydraulic breakers application mainly lies in breaking and demolishing big and small constructions. The main functions of hydraulic breakers are :

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