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Floating Crane

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A floating crane refers to a type of sea vessel which has a crane mounted on it. In earlier days, floating crane designs were nothing more than old ships transformed to include a huge crane mounted over the deck. Eventually, cataraman, semi-submersible designs changed the face of floating cranes. Read on to know more about these cranes.

Floating Cranes Meaning

Floating cranes are those heavy-duty cranes which are frequently used for building bridges, and constructing ports. Fleeting applications in ports etc. They also have great utility in loading and unloading of heavy weights on and off ships. The floating cranes are generally self-propelled. They have the powerful diesel generators to work the crane winches, which can be switched to propel the craft.

Floating Cranes Working

Floating Crane Floating cranes can be mounted on a swing base installed on the deck of a pontoon and can swing in a circular motion both in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Apart from pontoon mounted cranes, some floating cranes barges with a lifting capacity exceeding 10,000 tonnes and are used to transport entire bridge sections.

Floating Cranes Uses

There are various uses of a floating crane. These vessels are able to lift and maneuver huge and heavy sub assemblies into position. Floating cranes also felicitate the assembly of massive projects out of numerous smaller assemblies in most weather conditions. Apart from drilling and construction purposes, floating cranes are used for sunken ship retrieval purposes also.

Used Floating Crane

Since these are one of the most expensive types of construction cranes, the trend of hiring used floating cranes for a given time period is quite popular among builders and construction workers. One can find a number of floating crane suppliers online to set hiring or purchasing deals.

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