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Cable Excavators

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The cable excavator is an earliest documented self powered machine which is used to move earth. Till the second half of the 20th century it was very popular machine for doing heavy tasks. With their interchangeable front ends like shimmer, hoe, shovel and skimmer they perform efficiently. The most important aspect of the machine is that it can be fitted with cranes to perform clamshell and lifting duties.

Nowadays with the arrival of hydraulic excavator the demand of cable excavator has decreased to a considerable extent but still it is used in many countries in heavy infrastructure projects.

Mechanical Operations

Cable excavator is an excavator of choice for various operations. The main constituents of cable excavator are hoists, cable or rope, crowd arm, buckets, shovels and various other smaller equipments. As per requirement the arm can be fitted with buckets or shovels or other instrument. Crowd arm and hoist rope speeds are considered as key to operational practice. There is a simulator to simulate shovel or bucket.


Cable Excavators With huge loadage capacities the cable excavators find their applications in number of fields like :

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