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Asphalt Paver

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For the construction of roads asphalt is a major raw material. Asphalt is obtained from the processing of petroleum and is black to brown cement like materials. Asphalt contains bitumen as the predominant constituents. When the road is constructed asphalt paver is used for distributing, shaping and compacting the layer of asphalt. Normally the asphalt paver are self propelled but sometimes it is towed by the dump truck delivering the asphalt.

Screed and the tractors are the two major constituents of asphalt pavers. Material is discharged from the lorry in a tipping action. The width of the screed is adjustable. The important constituents of the tractor are hopper, conveyor, distribution augur etc. Asphalt pavers are of two types - asphalt crawler paver and wheeled paver. Crawler pavers are track driven whereas wheeled pavers are mounted on wheels.


Asphalt Paver Asphalt pavers are utilized for the construction of big infrastructures both big and small. Asphalt pavers are used for the compaction of : Types of Asphalt Paver

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