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Safety Rules for Construction Site Workers

It is a known fact that a construction site with lot many construction machines working at the same time is dangerous for those working at the site. For all construction site workers, it is necessary to follow certain safety rules which we are discussing below:

Safe and Comfortable Dress or Uniform
No doubt for all construction workers, there is a particular uniform to be worn while working on site, which is usually provided by the employer. The dress consists of a basic shirt, long pants and work boots. However, it is necessary, that the working boots are rough and tough as they protect the workers from stepping on sharp objects, like nails. Besides the uniform, the construction worker dress code should also consists of a hard hat as it protects the workers from getting injured by falling objects. Moreover wearing a hat also keep the head of the workers cool while working during hot, sunny weather. Safety glasses and gloves are also very important to wear. The safety glasses protect the eyes from objects that might be thrown from machinery. Gloves help protect the hands while the worker is handling sharp objects.
Construction Site Safety
Construction Site Workers

What to bring to the construction site?
The things that are to be brought to the site varies. Some constructions workers bring their own tools while me cases, the employers provided tools. Regardless, however, the worker should always bring water to keep himself hydrated. He can also apply a sunscreen lotion to protect himself from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Lifting of objects
Lifting objects is an essential part of construction work. But this should be done in a proper way, otherwise, it can also damage the back of the worker. So, while lifting the worker should keep his back straight, bending only the knees. The whole hand should be used while lifting. It is also required that the object while being lifted is kept close to the body. The feet should be moved, and not the waist. Heavier objects should be lifted by more than one person.

Safety Using of Tools
Electrical tools are also used in construction site and a construction worker should be very careful while using electrical tools. Tools should always be unplugged when they are not in use. Before using power saws, the blade guards should be in proper position. Hands should be completely dried before using electrical tools. Moreover, electrical tools should never be carried by their electrical cords and with fingers on starting buttons or triggers.

Other Safety Rules
Some common rules that need to be followed is never to run while at a construction site. The construction site should kept clean in the sense that trash and other unwanted objects are properly disposed of so that there is no chance of tripping. Nails that are stick out of wooden boards need to be bent inwards. Workers need to be alert at all times. They need to be observant and should never enter a trench more than 5 feet deep alone.

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