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Operating a Mini Excavator in an Easy Way

Mini excavators are used in construction sites because of their small footprint, ease to use, precise operation and most important of all low cost. Though they cannot replace the work of heavy excavators, they are used for small, sized excavating jobs in the construction sites. Construction utility contractors and site work professionals and even home owners make use of mini excavators for utility projects or landscaping and other small time construction jobs. Following are the basic tips in handling and operating a mini excavator.
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Select the proper sized mini excavator: Mini excavators are available in various sizes from the light ones to the heavy weighted ones, which belong to almost the same level as the standard excavator. The mini excavator that you choose must be capable to do the work safely and within your reach. For example if you need to dig a small ditch, then choose the smallest size available. If you need for large landscaping projects, the ideal size is around 3 or 3.5 ton machine. Know the job first and then choose your mini excavator. Mini excavator saves a lot of labor: Before using a mini excavator, you can make a survey as to whether the rent paid for getting a mini excavator is higher or less than the cost involved in paying a labor for doing the same task. Compare the rental cost versus the labor cost. It is found that using mini excavators turns out be much less than a labor cost, even if the rent includes delivery, pick up, fuel charges, and insurance as well.

Ideal size of a medium size mini excavator is about 3 tons of machine: Check out the range of mini excavators available at your supplier who rents out such machines. Ask if they do demonstrations and allow customers to become familiar with the machine on their premises. Many rental businesses have a maintenance area where the customers are allowed to get the feel of the machine with some experienced supervision.

Check the operator manual: Look over the operator's manual to get familiar with the location and exact description of the controls.

Read the specific warning label on the mini excavator: Look at warning labels and signs posted around the machine. It is necessary to understand those specific warnings or instructions, which also include maintenance information, specification charts etc. Such labels also provide information on the machine's serial number, the manufacturer's tag for reference when ordering parts and other pertinent information. Incase if these labels are not present in the mini excavator, it is better not to buy or get that machine on rent.

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