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List of construction machines and their uses

28 April 2011- Without the machinery, the construction of different structures, roads, tunnels etc are impossible. Using the construction machines make the work easier, safer and speedier. There are different construction machinery used for carrying out various works. The excavators, loaders and cranes are the most common used road construction and building construction machines. Find below the list of construction machines and the uses for each with the main construction categories.

Construction Machine1

The main heavy machines used for different earthwork diggings are:

Road construction involves designing, building and maintaining pavements and upper layers of transportation routes. Most of the roads surface are constructed with concrete or asphalt. Now coming down to road construction machines, the list goes:

Construction Machine2

There are main five heavy crane machines used for lifting purpose and they are used both in road and building construction sites.

To know about other construction machineries, go through:
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