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Brick Making Machines: Features, Uses and Types

06 September 2010- Brick making machines are playing a pivotal role in the construction machinery industry. Bricks are the founding blocks of any buildings. Though originally mud bricks were used and they were made by human hands manually, today, the process of brick making has become much easier with emerging technologies and discoveries. Using brick making machines, bricks are produced in a very easy and faster rate.

The brick making machine is available in different varieties. Not only the bricks are made using mud and sand, today the machines are used to make bricks using varied materials like sand, stone, coal refuse, fly ash, slag, cinder, ore slag, pearl rock, and all kinds of materials in industrial scrap.

Types of Bricks Produced

  • Blind hole bricks
  • Hollow building block
  • Standardize bricks etc.
Blind Hole Bricks Hollow Bricks Standard Bricks
Blind Hole Bricks Hollow Bricks Standard Bricks

Features of Brick Making Machines

Some of the essential features found in these brick making machines are as follows:
  • Compact structure
  • Directional vibration
  • Low energy consumption
  • Brake with frequency that is adjustable
  • Reduced labor intensity
  • Strong ramming strength
Brick Making Machines
Brick Making Machines

Uses of Brick Making Machines

Brick making machines are capable of producing high strength blocks. The best part is that the products can be directly piled up to several layers after shaping. This saves time and a large number of bricks can be created at a single batch. Various types of blocks with different molds are produced using brick machines. The wastages produced while manufacturing bricks using this machine is considerably less as compared to producing bricks manually using unskilled laborers.

Types of Brick Making Machines

  • Industrial brick making
  • Fly ash brick making
  • Clay brick making
  • Cement brick making etc.
  • Reduced labor intensity
  • Mobile clay brick manufacturing machine

Brick making machines are one of the most efficient machines in the construction industry and are in great demand globally as no construction is complete without using bricks and the best way to produce high quality bricks at a short span of time is using brick making machines.
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