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Asphalt Paver : The Essentials

17 January, 2011- The smooth roads that we use today are a result of heavy construction machinery which facilitate the manufacturing of such roads. Asphalt paver is one such heavy construction machinery which is extensively used while laying a road. It is discussed in detail as under:

Asphalt Paver Usage

Asphalt paving machine is used for distributing, forming and compressing asphalt evenly on roads, parking lots etc. It is a useful machine in the construction sector and is extensively used for paving roads, lanes, bridges and highways. At times the asphalt paver is placed behind the truck to distribute asphalt on the construction site while the truck moves on. Apart from that, self propelled asphalt pavers are also available in the market which need not to be towed behind the dump truck.

Asphalt Paver : The Essentials

Asphalt Paver Making

Tractor and screed are the two main parts of a self propelled asphalt paver. Engine controls the entire machine and takes care of asphalt distribution and other components while screed consisting leveling arms, burners, sensors and moldboards is towed behind the tractor. Once the asphalt is spread on the surface, a wheeled roller is used for compacting asphalt. Steel is the main material that is used in its manufacturing, The parts that come in contact with asphalt are painted black in advance.

Asphalt Paver Working

The asphalt paver is needed to be filled with asphalt first. The tractor then pushes the machine forward thus, placing the asphalt at the rear of the machine using feeder conveyors. The augers here, distribute asphalt as per the width controlled by the operator. The attached screen then levels the asphalt and converts it into a partially compact material.
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